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Zambia The Endless Road

Two young girls playing next to the road in Zambia

Zambia - Mwimba, Land of Survivors

Car in the middle of the road and people around the road. Zambia village

Zambia - Chipata, Land of Survivors

Lonely road with huge baobab tree, two girls sitting next to it

Zambia - Lumezi Central, Land of Survivors

Five young children running in the forest

Zambia - Mshawa, Land of Survivors

Girls walking home with a bucket on her head next to the empty road

Zambia - Kavatica, Land of Survivors

Woman sitting next to the hut and children playing around her

Zambia - Lundazi Central, Land of Survivors

Woman and children bring in water with buckets in the forest Zambia

Zambia - Kawinga, Land of Survivors

Church and goat in the dusted field. People sitting down in the shade next to a tree.

Zambia - Chidonga, Land of Survivors

People and children playing and walking next to the long empty road in Zambia

Zambia - Kamoto, Land of Survivors

mad max style abandoned car next to the empty road

Zambia - Muchenga, Land of Survivors

People gathering charcoal and stuck them bags

Zambia - Saweta, Land of Survivors

Elephants next to the forest in the national park

Zambia - South Luangwa National Park, Land of Survivors