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Visual Art & Photography by Catalin Bindiu. All the images on this website are available for commercial licensing  for use in print and web media. In addition to my printing services for individuals, I also offer significant quantity discounts for corporate offices or any other business interested in acquiring five or more prints. There may be no better way to enhance your place environment than to decorate it with these spectacular images!
If you`re interested in purchasing digital format picture or a fine art print, please inquire about pricing by sending an e-mail, SMS or using the contact form, mentioning photography code.   Digital - editorial 20 euro, standard 60 euro, royal 100 euro. All prints can be made to your specifications. Typical formats ar as follows - Europe: 45 x30cm, 60 x40cm, 90 x 60cm, 150 x 100cm. USA: 12 x8", 24 x 16", 36 x 24", 60 x 40"
Woman and Man underwater reaching up to each other.

Touching Hands | code: AA1

Guy swimming with arms open trying to breath.

Sink beneath The surface And you Are free | code: AA2

Girl swimming underwater | code: AA3

Jimanja | code: AA3

Girl swimming elegant underwater.

Sirens | code: AA4

Body of a woman in red swimming suit, underwater.

RedFin Malta | code: AA5

Freediver comming up from the deep water

The Hunt | code: AA6

Surfer walking to the beach with surf board under his arm.

Out of Water, I am nothing | code: AA7

Woman diving in to the blue sea.

Underwater Dreams | code: AA8

Freediver underwater pooling ropes.

Urge to Breathe | code: AA9

Woman swimming and freediving.

Maltese Mermaid | code: AA10

Woman diving into the deep sea.

Flying Dreams | code: AA11