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Visual Art & Photography by Catalin Bindiu. All the images on this website are available for commercial licensing  for use in print and web media. In addition to my printing services for individuals, I also offer significant quantity discounts for corporate offices or any other business interested in acquiring five or more prints. There may be no better way to enhance your place environment than to decorate it with these spectacular images!
If you`re interested in purchasing digital format picture or a fine art print, please inquire about pricing by sending an e-mail, SMS or using the contact form, mentioning photography code.   Digital - editorial 20 euro, standard 60 euro, royal 100 euro. All prints can be made to your specifications. Typical formats ar as follows - Europe: 45 x30cm, 60 x40cm, 90 x 60cm, 150 x 100cm. USA: 12 x8", 24 x 16", 36 x 24", 60 x 40"
Grey Crane bird with blue eyes.

Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) | code: ANM1

Lion looks outside the cage in the zoo.

Lion (Panthera leo) | code: ANM2

Lion in the cage at the zoo.

Lion (Panthera leo) | code: ANM3

Huge tiger looking outside the cage in zoo.

Tiger (Panthera tigris) | code: ANM4

Two lions looking sad outside the cage at zoo.

Lions (Panthera leo) | code: ANM5

Pigeons flying covering all sky.

Pigeons flying | code: ANM6

White street dog sleeping in the shade on the beach.

Street Dog Sulina | code: ANM7

White horse resting in the dust with a building behind.

Arabian or Arab Horse | code: ANM8

Head of a warthog on the white wall.

Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) | code: ANM9

Lonely cow on the shore of the black sea.

Sea Cow :) | code: ANM10

Golden Eagle looking at his prey. Save the wild nature.

Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) | code: ANM11

Black crow with a dead chicken in his peak.

Cape Crow (Corvus capensis) | code: ANM12

Dead chameleon in the gold sand.

Chameleon (Lacerta Chamaeleon) | code: ANM13

Grey owl looking angry.

Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) | code: ANM14

Angry Goose attack next to the lake.

The Goose | code: ANM15

Black and white African Elephant in Zambia.

African Elephant Zambia | code: ANM16

Brown butterfly resting on the bark of a tree.

Grayling Butterfly (Hipparchia semele) | code: ANM17

Yellow flower covered with black flies and other insects.

Black Fly (Simulium trifasciatum) | code: ANM18

Blue leaf bug, battle walking on the stone.

Leaf Blue Beetle (Plagiodera versicolora) | code: ANM19

Brown butterfly on the banana peal.

Grayling Butterfly (Hipparchia semele) | code: ANM20

Snail on the ground with antena out.

Snail (Helix pomatia) | code: ANM21